It’s Pumpkin Time!

This past week I have been completing various projects with multiple people at WVU Dining Services.  I assisted with a safety and sanitation audit in the dining facility and helped with a catering event at the WVU President’s house and so much more.  The project I decided to share with you all this week is a brief topic I covered for a series called “Nutrition Nuggets” that dining serves puts out for WVU students and staff a few times a month.


Nutrition Nuggets - It's Pumpkin TimeAlso, in favor of fall traditions I have been searching for a HEALTHY pumpkin flavored drink to make and I think I finally found one! Now, I have yet to have a chance to get to the store to purchase pumpkin puree (or milk…) so I have yet to try it. Once I do, I will be sure to share my thoughts but if you beat me to it please share your comments (good or bad!). Original recipe can be found here.

Pumpkin Spice Smoothie

1/2 cup pumpkin puree

1 banana

2 scoops vanilla chai protein powder

(or try 1 scoop chai tea mix and 1 scoop vanilla protein powder instead!)

1 cup of milk


Directions: Blend all ingredients together until desired consistency is reached!


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