WVU Dining Services

This past two weeks I have been with West Virginia University’s Dining Services completing my institutional food service, production and management rotation.  I have had the opportunity to work with many people and every day is something new!  One of fun things I got to assist with is the WVU Farmer’s Market last Thursday.  I worked with the director to work the booth to promote fresh, local, and healthy foods.  This week we were serving up Tabbouleh, a Lebanese salad.  Prior to this experience I had never heard to Tabbouleh so it was an awesome chance to experience a new healthy food.  This was made with all local ingredients grown in West Virginia, with the exception of the bulgar wheat which we couldn’t find locally!  Over the course of two and half hours we handed out almost 300 servings!  You could tell immediately who was from Middle East and familiar with Tabbouleh by their comments on our samples…”Where’s the parsley?”  The traditional recipe calls for much more parsley and less grains but in order to appeal to the majority of students we “Americanized” to tone down the flavor!  Everyone really loved it!  It was a great experience to be able to enjoy the campus farmer’s market while promoting healthy, local options!


Tabbouleh Recipe Card

Tabbouleh Recipe Card


Tabbouleh Nutrition Facts and Directions

Tabbouleh Nutrition Facts and Directions


Tabbouleh Stand at the WVU Farmer's Market

Tabbouleh Stand at the WVU Farmer’s Market



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