Pastry Chef – Recipe Analysis

A few days ago I had the opportunity to spend half a day with the pastry chef for WVU Dining Services.  He took the time to show me all the storage and the different products they have!  He brought up an interesting point when he noted that the reduced calorie, low-fat, and “healthy” desserts that they purchase have ingredient list that are super long and many of the ingredients do not even sound like real food.  He said that people might be better off just eating the real dessert in a smaller portion than eating this chemically created version and I agree with him!  In efforts to analyze this new and “all-natural” brand they are considering purchasing I compared it with the products that they currently serve.  I found it very interesting to see that all-in-all there was not a  whole lot of difference between most of the recipes.  Check out my analysis below.  It was ran using the Food Processor Software.  In addition to conducting nutrition analysis I also helped prepare the sour cream muffins with added fruit for the day.

Bakery Comparisons


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