Hula Hooping for Weight Loss?

This past week I had the opportunity to accompany the exercise physiologist to WVU Jackson’s Mill to State 4-H camp to teach a weighted hula hoop class! Yes, that’s right…the hula hoops are actually weighted, about 3 lbs. There is actually a video and a workout specially designed with these hoops. It involves hula hooping while doing various exercises such as kickboxing, squats, arm movements, and the list goes on. There are also moves designed to incorporate the use of the hula hoop in “unconventional” ways. For example, the hula hoop can be held above the head and used for a shoulder press, tricep press, and used for squats. Now, to give you an example of what in world this new phenomenon looks like I have attached multiple (embarrassing!) videos of my infamous attempts and the various moves for your enjoyment!

I have to admit the day after my hula hoop workout I felt like my ribs, hip bones were bruised! I think you would get used to it if you did if on a regular basis – just like riding a bike! Also, I am not an expert hula hooper and have not tried a regular hula hoop in years…BUT I do have to admit that the weighted hula hoops seem easier to keep up than the super light regular ones! If you are ever in a “work-out slump” and bored with your normal routines maybe you can try this (or if you are just need of a good laugh!)


One comment on “Hula Hooping for Weight Loss?

  1. lol …my sister got a weighted hula hoop for Christmas a few years back…..never seen her try those fancy moves though!

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